The Jimmy Bruno Guitar Workshop

When you listen to great jazz guitar players it almost sounds as if their guitars have an extra note. Like many others, the desire is there but for some reason you just can't "get it." Maybe you have been playing for a while and you are stuck. Maybe you have taken a few lessons or bought a book someone recommended. Perhaps you tried to learn jazz guitar but found yourself drowning in scales and theory rather than playing music.

The truth is, no one learned driving a car just by reading a book or by watching a video online. Jazz guitar is no different. The best way to learn is from a master jazz guitarist who is also a master educator.

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Jimmy Bruno, legendary jazz guitarist and teacher, can help you to finally become the great player you've always wanted to be. A teacher to thousands of students worldwide, his unique system was developed from over 40 years of performing and teaching, opening your ears and the fretboard like no other — in record time! Beginners happily improvise after just a few lessons, and advanced players find their ears and fingers challenged beyond what they thought possible. All students discover what it is like to grow musically under a real master. They experience a new joy from music as they become part of a fabulous community of fellow students who share their interests and encourage each other's progress. And you can, too. For real.


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